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NCLEX-RN Sample Questions

If you want free questions, you can find thousands of them here:
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Brilliant Nurse

Brilliant Nurse offers 75 free NCLEX questions, no questions asked. The interface is super easy to use and there aren't many ads to slow you down. Simple and sweet.
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Nurse Labs

This page has over 200 NCLEX questions arranged by category, and can be practiced in a really convenient way. No scrolling for answers, and they even give you rationales. It's just a great place to practice for free!
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NCLEX Mastery Facebook Page

NCLEX Mastery is an NCLEX Review app. On their Facebook page, they release an NCLEX question every day, then answer it (with a rationale!). Follow this page for some extra practice and to catch up on some nursing memes, as well!
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Amy's Blog

Amy's blog was set up in 2009, while she was in nursing school herself. Since then, she has posted over 1000 NCLEX-style questions with rationales on her blog.
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NCLEX 10K Question of the Day

This website provides you with one free question in your inbox per day if you sign up. You can easily connect your Facebook account and get some practice every day. These are questions licensed from Lippincott's, a leader in nursing education materials. You can be sure of their quality.
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Quizlet Free NCLEX Questions

As if you aren't buried in NCLEX questions already. Here's a few thousand more. Quizlet lets users publish quizzes and practice questions. Did I say thousands of questions? I mean, literally, thousands in every subject imaginable. They are arranged as flashcards, so unfortunately, they don't include detailed rationales.
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150 NCLEX Questions PDF

Updated December 6, 2013: I found this page recently, and was surprised when this .pdf actually had 150 NCLEX questions on it, all with rationales! The only drawback is that the rationales and explanations seem a bit hurried. But, it's free!
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